In order to provide a higher quality of service, BVN has switched to a new satellite platform (AMC-4) . AMC-4 provides a stronger, much more reliable signal. Therefore, the quality of the reception is better and more people are able to receive BVN directly in their home. Dutch speaking people in South America will now be able to receive BVN with a much smaller antenna (dish) and for the first time Dutch speaking people living in Suriname will be able to view BVN by a Direct-to-home satellite system (Free to air).

The BVN (Television and Radio) services are broadcasted on the new satellite platform (AMC-4) as of October 01, 2007.

In order to receive the BVN (Television and Radio) services from the new satellite platform (AMC-4) you need to perform one (1) of the following two (2) procedures:



Option # 1: Purchase a new satellite receiver for $ 127.50 + shipping

Click here to order a new (better quality) satellite receiver today

Option # 2: Reprogram your current satellite receiver (not recommended)

Click here to download the instructions on how to reprogram your satellite receiver






Please note: In order to guarantee a good quality of service in the future we highly recommend that you get a fresh new start and purchase a new satellite receiver for the special low price of $ 127.50.

If you wish to continue to use your old satellite reciever please keep in mind that BVN-America will not provide technical support for those satellite receivers once you have been repointed to the new satellite platform.





Option # 1: Hire a professional installer to repoint your antenna.

Call today to request a professional installer:01-888-312-2182

Option #2:
Repoint your satellite antenna (dish) yourself

Click here to download the instructions on how to repoint your satellite antenna

Click here for the technical information of new satellite platform (AMC-4).



Experience the Netherlands by receiving BVN today - your direct link to your Homeland!

To receive Dutch/Flemish television and radio, click here or call:01-571-209-5912